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Reduce the light lux level by 35%


light reduction cover

Stops 35% of light without altering the colour spectrum of light sources.

stops 35% of light

The light reduction covers are designed to reduce the amount
of light from a fluorescent tube or compact fluorescent lamp by 35%


Just slide the light reduction cover over a fluorescent tube to
cut the light back by 35%

Come with two end caps to stop the light escaping.

Can be used in enclosed fluorescent fittings.

Made in the UK


T8 light reduction  tube

Light reduction cover for a T5 fluorescent
tube with the filter sticking out

stops 35% of light

A light reduction covers, comprises of a clear polycarbonate tube with a
35% light reduction filter inside the tube and a end caps on each end.

we can supply a light reduction cover greater than 35% light


The light reduction covers can be used on
T4 fluorescent tubes,
T5 fluorescent tubes
T8 fluorescent tubes
T12 fluorescent tubes

Light reduction tube to fit a
T8 fluorescent tube

T8 light reduction cover


T8 Diameter is 25mm
T8 reduction cover
15 Watt 438mm
2ft,18 Watt 565mm
3ft,30 Watt 866mm
4ft,36 Watt 1175mm
38 Watt 1025mm
5ft,51 Watt 1478mm
5ft,58 Watt 1478mm
6ft,63 Watt 1740mm
6ft,70 Watt 1740mm
T5 Diameter is 16mm

T5 reduction sleeve

6 Watt 200mm
8 Watt 290mm
13 Watt 510mm
2ft,14 Watt 535mm
2ft,24 Watt 535mm
3ft,21 Watt 825mm
3ft,39 Watt 825mm
4ft,28 Watt 1135mm
5ft,35 Watt 1436mm
5ft,49 Watt 1436mm

T4 Diameter is 12mm

T4 reduction cover

6 Watt 232mm
8 Watt 315mm
10 Watt 352mm
12 Watt 420mm
16 Watt 472mm
16 Watt 480mm
20 Watt 550mm
20 Watt 578mm
30 Watt 765mm


Caution with the high output T5 fluorescent lamps

Recommended maximum working temperature = 130 deg.

In some situation the 54w and 80w T5 fluorescent tube can made a small hold in the light reduction cover
because of the hot spots on the fluorescent tube



Light reduction covers for Pll compact fluorescent tubes


Wattage of the PLL
18Watt Light reduction
24Watt Light reduction
36Watt Light reduction
40Watt Light reduction
55Watt Light reduction

Light reduction cover for a PLL 40w compact fluorescent tube

light reduction cover

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T8 light reduction covers

T5 light reduction covers

T4 light reduction covers

Number of covers
light Covers
Number of covers
light Covers
Number of covers
light Covers



PLL Light reduction covers


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