Insect Killer


Light-Output 16w
Coverage 40 sqm
Tube 2 x 8w
Weight 3 kg

A high quality budget priced unit.
Incorporating attributes and components normally only found on more expensive models.
This is the ideal flykiller for the domestic user


Light-Output 600w
Coverage 30sqm
Tube 1 x 6w
Weight 3 kg

Attractive and compact, Exocutor provides extensive coverage.
Available in 6, 16, 30 or 40 watt versions,
these units are ideal for any small commercial or industrial applications.

Excuter fly killer

Luralite Cento

Dimension 200 x 465 x 170
Coverage 25m²
Tube 1 x 18w
Weight 3 kg

Designed to look like a modern wall uplight.
its purpose as an effective insect control unit.
Available in different colours.
Cento is ideal for any application where discreet insect control is required.

traping flys

Luralite Deco

Dimension 150 x 450 x 155
Coverage 25m²
Tube 1 x 18w
Weight 3 kg

The Deco is another type of modern wall mounted uplight.
hiden from veiw as an effective insect killer control unit .
Simple maintenance.
Covers kitchens, eating areas and receptions.

fly trap

FlyTrap Professional

Unit Dimension Coverage Tube Weight
FTP30 470x305x152 80m² 2 x 15w 2,5 kg
FTP40 610x305x152 120m² 2 x 20w 3.7 kg
FTP80 610x305x152 240m² 2 x 20w 4.1kg

Flytrap Professional incorporates new high powered UV tube
Proven to be significantly more effective at attacting flying insects than standard tubes .
The unique open degign of flytrap Professional also ensures that direct UV light is Visble from every angle.
Designed to offer seven different ways of mounting and with 30,40and 80Watt units available in both white and stainless steel.
This unit is very versatile, suitable for every professional application.

insect trap
UV fly trap


Unit Tubes Spec Output Coverage
ZF008 2 x20w IP65 40w 120 sq m
ZF010 3 x20w IP65 60w 150 sq m
ZF009 4 x20w IP65 80w 240 sq m
ZF014 3 x 40w IP65 120w 300 sq m
ZF013 4 x 40w IP65 160w 350 sq m
ZF015 6 x 40w IP65 240w 400 sq m

The new flytrap reflector Industrial has been designed to be as attractive to flies as possible .
The Large glueboard attractd by using reflected UVlight from the tube and is also scentimpregnated to appeal to airborne pest in move ways than one.

Independant tests prove that this type of insect control is far more effective than traditional control method.
in addition to greater effectiveness our models also use an electronic ballast.
This means that there are no starters inside the machine and consequently they can be used in all areas where the potential for

Inline with the ATEX Regulations

IP65 inect trap
IP65 insect killer
ATEX Regulations
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