Specialist UV Free Covers

Light cover for a specific application in plate making, circuit board developemt, smt manufacturing.

A clear polycarbonate tube with a number of filters placed inside the tube.
which cut out the ultra-violet rays and certain spectors of light for developing

These G10 covers can be used in To fit any of fluorescent tube

Wavelength - Nanometres

Transmission Characteristics

List oF Sizes oF Fluorescent Tubes On The Market

16MM Diameter T5 Fluorescent Tube
Watts length
6 Watt 200mm
8 Watt 290mm
13 Watt 510mm
2ft,14 Watt 535mm
2ft,24 Watt 535mm
3ft,21 Watt 825mm
3ft,39 Watt 825mm
4ft,28 Watt 1135mm
5ft,35 Watt 1436mm
5ft,49 Watt 1436mm
26MM Diameter T8 Fluorescent Tube
Watts length
15 Watt 438mm
2ft,18 Watt 565mm
3ft,30 Watt 866mm
4ft,36 Watt 1175mm
38 Watt 1025mm
5ft,51 Watt 1478mm
5ft,58 Watt 1478mm
6ft,63 Watt 1740mm
6ft,70 Watt 1740mm
38MM Diameter T12 Fluorescent Tube
Watts length
2ft,20 Watt 565mm
4ft,40 Watt 1175mm
5ft,65 Watt 1478mm
6ft,75 Watt 1740mm
6ft,85 Watt 1740mm
8ft,100 Watt 2344mm
8ft,125 Watt 2344mm