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LED Coloured Bulb Suppliers and Light Cover Specialists UK

Covershield has been providing the UK with high quality covers for LED & fluorescent lights, covers which provide protection, colour or more niche uses for almost 20 years. Transforming your simple fluorescent or LED bulbs into something almost completely different such as a darkroom light, or drug black lights. We’ve spent the better part of 2 decades providing the brightest lights on the market, as not do we produce the covers and coatings designed to provide any old fashioned LED bulb or fluorescent  bulbs with more uses and functions transforming your basic light into something integral to your business or maybe you just fancy something more colourful. We also produce the lights ourselves from LED bulbs and tubes to the more old fashioned lights. This allows us to use the new technology found in LEDs to create effects you could use older fluorescent light fixtures could provide.

Providing The UK With Colourful, Diverse Lighting

Lighting is an important part of any business, and not just from an aesthetic prospective. For example somebody displaying art work, will quite often need a lighting solution that filters UV lights to protect the colours of the image. We specialise in creating and working with bulbs that not only help to curate a colourful, vibrant experience in your home or workplace, but provide real world value, from LED bulbs and Fluorescent tubes that are shatter resistant to lighting designed specifically for workshops or places where people will be spending a lot of time.
No matter what business you’re engaged with we can help, regardless of if you’re a UK simple manufacturer who wants a light that is waterproof, and can withstand the strain of any of the manufacturing process, or are in a more niche industry working with light sensitive materials. Our huge range of LED bulbs, tubes and fluorescent lights, colours and coatings has only expanded over recent years. With the advent of LED technology our bulbs and cylinders are becoming more and more sophisticated, providing more and more functions.
So whether you’re a photographer, looking for a way to integrate LED bulbs, or just want to create a safer environment for your employees, we invite you to have a quick look through out catalogue of high-end LED bulbs, fluorescent lights, cylinder lights, and more to see how we can help improve the quality of life in your business, we’re happy enough to work with anyone within the UK!