Shatterproofing Germicidal uvc lamps

UV-C Radiation tube shattterproof

Inline with all Health and Safety Regulations

A germicidal 55w with a FEP sleeve 55w fluorescent tube shatterproof

A shatterproof germicidal UVC lamps has a FEP material over the glass to make the lamp shatterproofed.
The FEP sleeve is placed over the UVC tube which will protective the dangerous fragments of quartz glass and mercury contamination from escaping, Stopping contamination if the UVC lamps is broken.
FEP material is one of the best materials for this application. It has excellent transmsission of the UV-C radiation through the material better than any other material on the market.

It can withstand a lot more temperature than other clear materials on the market and is excellent resistance to most chemicals.


• Air stream in air duct applications or air handling space and surface disinfections. • Direct surface disinfection of workspaces, products or packaging .
• All applications (beverage, food processing, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, etc.) where protection from possible contamination caused by broken ultraviolet lamps is required. .

Tuv G13, T8 Germicidal tubes shatterproof

30w fluorescent tube shatterproof

Shatterproof G13 Uvc tube

Type of UV-C tube Tube length
TUV 10w UVC germicidal lamp 340mm
TUV 15w UVC germicidal lamp 445mm
TUV 18w UVC germicidal lamp 590mm
TUV 25w UVC germicidal lamp 445mm
TUV 30w UVC germicidal lamp 902mm
TUV36w UVC germicidal lamp 1206mm
TUV 55w UVC germicidal lamp 902mm
TUV 75w UVC germicidal lamp 1206mm

Tuv G5, T5 Germicidal tubes shatterproof

35w UVC tube shatterproof

Shatterproof G5 Uvc tube

Type of UV-c tube Length of uvc tube
TUV 4w UVC germicidal lamp 136mm
TUV 6w UVC germicidal lamp 212mm
TUV 8w UVC germicidal lamp 289mm
TUV 11w UVC germicidal lamp 212mm
TUV 16w UVC germicidal lamp 289mm
TUV 20w UVC germicidal lamp 400mm
TUV 25w UVC germicidal lamp 517mm

UVC Germicidal T5 4pin amalgam tube shatterproof

54w UVC tube shatterproof
Wattage Length
TUV 6w 4pin 245mm
TUV 11w 4pin 245mm
TUV 16w 4pin 320mm
TUV 20w 4pin 430mm
TUV 25w 4pin 550mm
TUV 130w 4pin 842mm
TUV 180w 4pin 1032mm
TUV 200w 4pin 1147mm
TVV 230w 4pin 1514mm/25
TUV 260w 4pin 1514mm/32
TUV 325w 4pin 1582mm*
TUV 335w 4pin 1556mm/32
TUV 330w 4pin 1791mm/38

IP65 waterproof 4pin germicidal lamp

 tube shatterproof

A 4pin germicidal lamp which as been completely sealed round 4 core cable at one end
completely waterproof and perfect for washing down situation

Different wattage PLL UVC germicidal tubes which came shatterproof

36w pls Uvc shatterproof
Wattae Length of Fep sleeve
18w Uvc tube 250mm
24w Uvc tube 340mm
36w Uvc tube 440mm
55w Uvc tube 560mm
95w Uvc tube 560mm

IP65 watterproof pll tube completely sealed

UVC pll germicidal lamps come with a 4 core cable wired to the pll tube and sealed to the pll lamp
completely waterproof idea for places with need to wash down

Pls Uvc tube with a fep coater over the glass

7w pls Uvc shatterproof
Wattage Length of fep sleeve
Pls 2pin 5w Uvc lamp 115mm
Pls 4pin 5w uvc lamp 115mm
Pls 2pin 7w Uvc lamp 130mm
Pls 2pin 9w uvc lamp 190mm
Pls 4pin 9w uvc lamp 190mm
Pls 2pin 11w uvc lamp 240mm
Pls 4pin 11w uvc lamp 240mm
Pls 2pin 13w uv-c lamp 200mm

Covershield can shatterpoof all most all UVC Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps.
with a fep protective coating that can be applied to most germicidal lamps,tubes
protection for employees and the working environments by preventing the dangers associated fragments of broken quartz glass and mercury from escaping