UV400 Clear Covers


All types of fluorescent tubes give off ulra-violet light which can make items go yellow over time even led lights give off small amount of ulra-violet.

Are uv400 covers are degined to stop items going yellow. Ideally used were items are effected by lighting such as museums and important documents

A uv400 cover is clear polycarbonate tube with a number of filters inside the cover.
which cut out the ultra-violet rays and certain spectors of light for developing

uv400 cover for T8 fluorescent tube

a cover will stop item from going yellow

A chart showing the wave length of the light.

UV470 anometers

A pls which has been coat to stop the ulta-violet light

yellow screen printing light cover

covershield can put a coating a light bulb to stop the ulta-violet, items from going yellow over time

The uv filters will deteriorate over period of time

The filters can be replaced