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Waterproof Cylinder Lighting

21w Cylinder T5 fluorescent light fitting

IP65 Cylinder fluorescent light fitting
Is a T5 fluorescent lamp and electric ballast mounted
on a 50mm width white metal tray inside a 52mm tough polycarbonate tube
with a waterproof tight end cap in each end supported by two plastic terry clips.

39w Cylinder T5 fluorescent light fitting

IP65 Waterproof Light fitting is easy light fitting to install by
just screw two 50mm plastic terry in and clipping the unit in to porsion.
T5 light fitting can come in clear or opal type even a coloured tube cylinder.
The unit can work on 240 volts or 110 volts,
IP65 Fitting can came in an dimmable version
If needed can be supply with galvasized metal guard to go over the fitting for add protection.


50mm white plastic waterproof endcap


The 50mm end cap has two groves in the wall of the cap where two rubber seal are in place this is to crate a water tight seal when the cap is push in to the end of the cylinder light
On one end caps there is a water proof plastic gland for the mains cable to go through.

black water 50mm end caps
white 60mm end caps


Are made out of a type of spring plastic with will bend when inserting the light fitting into the clip.
The outer diameter of the clip with the fitting in place is 60mm. width

black 60mm Terry clip


Cylinder light T5 fluorescent fitting

35w T5 white cylinder light fitting
Cylinder light fitting with white cap

Picture of one end of a 21w Cylinder light with white cap sealed oring and terry clips
Picture of a 14w cylinder light showing black end cap and the 12mm plastic gland

white 30mm end caps

Length the Cylinder lights

Name Tube Length W Used Luminous
8w Cylinder 8w 350mm 8w 470
13w Cylinder 13w 580mm 13w 1000
14w Cylinder 14w 610mm 16w 1200
24w Cylinder 24w 620mm 27w 2000
21w Cylinder 21 w 920mm 23w 1900
28w Cylinder 28w 1220mm 33w 2600
35w Cylinder 35w 1540mm 40w 3300
39w Cylinder 39w 920mm 42w 3100
49w Cylinder 49w 1540mm 53w 4300
54w Cylinder 54w 1220mm 60w 4450
80w Cylinder 80w 1540mm 90w 6150
Dimable cylinder 14-35w ? ? ?
Dimable cylinder 39-54w ? ? ?

informatiom on cylinder units Download a cylinder data sheet


Opal Cylinder light

21w Opal cylinder light fitting

49w opal cylinder light



removing the end cap from an 28w cylinder light unit

The plastic end cap is quit a tight fit inside the tube when delivery.
The easers way to remove the end cap is by leveling the outer edge of the end cap with a flat ended screwdrive like in the picture.

The cylinder is very easy to wire the main supply in.
just push cable wire into 3 way white plastic terminal block with the letters L,E,N
This is found at one end of the cylinder light tray.
no screw driver needed
The 2 way terminal block is for the dimmable type of cylinder light

Cylinder light unit gear tray
T5 complete white 35w cylinder light unit

After you have install the 3 core cable throw the plastic gland in to the 3 way termminal block.
just make shore that the two rubber orings are properly in place when pushing in the end cap back into the 50mm tube also
Check that the plastic gland is tight as well to make shore that the unit is water proof


black terry clip and support bracket

The IP65 Cylinder light comes with 2x 50mm plastic terry clips.
the plastic clip as a hole in the center to screw the two clips to flat surface
Must be a flat surface or the clip will not hold the cylinder light fitting
the metal support bracket come with galvaised metal guard

Cylinder light unit being push into an terry clip

Turn the cylinder light fitting on its side and push into the terry clip to make it easier to fit in place

cylinder inside an terry clip

once the fitting is in the terry clips, simply turn the fitting to the direction you need the light to shine.

finally just check than the plastic gland is tight.

installing the galvanised guard over the cylinder light

Support bracket

metal support bracket

The support bracket is used to hold the galvanised metal guard in place
bracket is placed under the terry clip like in the picture

80w cylinder light with galvanised guard

holding the galvaised metal guard against the metal support bracket and
then mark 1 galvanised wire on each corn which need cutting out next to the support bracket

Simply cut out with a pair of wire cutters the 4 marked wires from the galvanised guard like in the picture.
ending up with 4 small holes in the galvanised guard

Simply slip the galvaised guard over the cylinder light in to the four slots
in to the ends of the support brackets
if needed use zip tie across the galvanised guard ends.
for extra support


Download a cylinder guard data sheet

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