Industrial flykiller
Made in the uk

600mm x 400mm glue board

easy to install and safe to use in area

Completely water proof

Can come,with or out a cover

Professional insect flykiller

The professional hygienic ip68 insect fly trap is a very effective way of trapping insects, bugs, flies with a large working area and two 18w UV fly killing tubes and needs very little maintenance.
Making it one of the best insect traps on the market. Mainly designed for used industrial areas. But obviously can use were there is a fly problem .
The unit is not a small unit, measuring 625mm long and 400mm width with a high of only 170mm. The plastic cover can be easily removed and the large glue board can be easily to replaced . The unit can be suspended from a ceiling or even wall mounted. All the electronics are completely sealed in a silicone resin and the two 18w UV fluorescent tubes are held in place with 4 water tight IP68 lamp holders . making the unit entirely waterproof, if you even need to washing down .
The unit run on 240v or can be made to run 110v and comes with one metre flexible lead sealed at one end, lead can be made longer if needed.


The unit is entirely manfacturered and put together in the uk, so there is always a adviser on call with any questions you have.


IP68 Lamp holder

IP68 lamp holder

The unit cames with two 18w UV flykiller tubes which is held in place with a IP68 lamp holder .
These lamp holders have a screw cap with a oring inside the cap, when tightened up against the uv tube, the Oring making a water tight seal .


The control gear

electronic all seal in


The electronics to make the uv tubes lite up, are all hiden way in the back of the unit . completely sealed in a white silicone resin. The 1 metre power lead is mounted at the back of the unit as well and can not be removed .
The unit main runs on 240volts but can be maked to run 110v or even 12volts.
All the parts are made and assenbled in the uk .


Glue boards

IP68 lamp holder

The unit as a larger insect catching area of 600 by 400 glue board which just side out when the glue board need to be replaced .