Custom made led pcb board manufactures

Customise your pcbs

Have the right colour


Degin your own PCB shaps

There is times when off the shelf pcb boards are just not suited for the your product requirents or will need additional functionality on the pcb board
This may be down to the odd shape or restriction in space to fit inside the fitting or just because you want something different.
As well as enabling you to use the right colour temperature LED’s within their own products. Whatever the reason can help you realise your concept by pick placing your own led pcb boards

if you tell us your design details we can email you the ark work or gerber files in a couple of days or some.
As manufacturs We can provide PCB layouts upto 1.2m long in completely custom sizes, with LED light sources positioned or spaced in line with your requirements or mounted on a custom shape PCB which fits your product exactly. To provide the complete service from design to cost effective volume supply.

On the left is the gerber design file and on the right is the finished product.

gerber design file before goes to the board house
Ciruit design
300mm round pcb
to finish

Whatever the reason our experienced designers will work with our product development team from initial concept to a fully engineered design, taking into account your brief and the individual product requirements, offering advice where needed and reacting to your needs.


LED Engine 550-40


550 x 40mm 3000lums 6000k 24v 700mA light engines pcb £9.00 each.

550 x 40mm 6500lums 6000k 48v 700mA light engines pcb £9.00 each.

LED Engine 280-20/42v or 280-20/84v

lighting engine

280 x 20mm 2000lums 6000k 42v 700mA light engine pcb £3.30 each

280 x 20mm 5000lums 6000k 84v 700mA light engine pcb £4.00 each, will need a good heat sink.

LED Engine 550-20-160

lighting engine

550 x 24mm 160 Daylight leds 3000lums 24v 900mA light engine pcb £9.00 each.

LED Engine 800-110-480

800mm long pcb

800 x 110mm 480 Daylight leds 5000lums 24v 900mA light engine pcb £28.00 each.


Most LED chips can generate a lot of heat when lite , if this heat exceds the running temperature of the LED chip, This will pairmally damage the LED chip performans.
To stop this happening by having a good size heatsink to tranfer the excess heat generated by the LED chip. We can offer aluminium heatshinks shapes requirements and specify LED’s chips that can operate in higher temperature environments without reducing LED chips life. We also have experience integrating lighting control or power regulation directly onto the Luminaire PCB, integrating everything into one assembly. This is particularly advantageous where space is limited and having separate power supply or control modules would be problematic. generated by the LED onto a mounting plate or heatsink.