Killing Microorganisms In the air we breath.

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation.

The unit is design to be used on air Recirculation Units in factories and offices blocks, to stop airborne diseases.
spreading through out a building, to disinfection the air we breath.

The UVC pll tubes are placed inside an air duct units and the UVC light will kill the airborne microorganisms in the air such as bacteria, moulds, yeasts,e coli and viruses as the air passing over the pll uvc tube

Helping to stop viruses like the common cold from spreading to other people in the work place.

This is achieved by the short wave radiation from the Pll uvc tube which destroys the cells of any germs in the air
to purifier the air in a building.


power cable

normal connect

Quck release connection

quick release connection

The PLL UVC box is only 120mm long and 120mm high and 50mm wide with a pll (3G11)connection
mounted in the top/back of the air sterilizationunit.

The main power to the unit is mounted on the side of the unit opposite the 3g11 connection.
Normal comes with 1.5 m long 3 core,1mm cable connected into a ip65 plastic gland.
if required can be fitted with a quick release connection.


Order No Watts Cap Length Width
Germicidal18 18w 2G11 225mm 50mm
Germicidal24 24w 2G11 320mm 50mm
Germicidal36 36w 2G11 415mm 50mm
Germicidal55 55w 2G11 535mm 50mm
Germicidal95 95w 2G11 535mm 50mm


All the electrical control gear is sealed inside the unit metal box(120x120x50).
Can work on 110volts or 240volt


Data sheet

How the unit works

The UVC PLL air sterilization unit emits a (blueish,green light) as a short-wave of ultraviolet radiation

when the airborne germs pass over the Ultraviolet light the short-wave length ultraviolet light has a lethal effect on the microorganisms such as bacteria moulds yeasts Ecoil and viruses.

This will destroying nucleic acids of the microorganisms in the air by disrupting their DNA leaving them unable to perform vital cellular function.
You could say disinfection the air we breath .

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