Shatterproofed fluorescent tubes for the health and safety regulations





Shatterproof tubes also known as shrinkwrapped tubes, are available in the T5 and T8 ranges of fluorescent tubes.
The materials we used for shatter proofing a fluorescent tube will ensure that all glass particles are contained inside the fluorescent tube if broken.
Used in places where there could be a possibility of glass fragments getting into food products.

Complies with Farm Quality Assurance ,Food Standards Agency (FSA),International Food Standard (IFS) inline with health and Safety Regulations

Idealy for use in

Offices, Schools, Hospitals, shops, Factories and Catering Establishments

To Place a Order

To place an order you will need to telephone us on (01704 841 073) please tell us the wattage or length of the fluorescent tube you are looking to cover. Is the tube an Led tube or fluorescent tube.

Process of shatterproofing a fluorescent tube

pet shatterproof tube

Firstly we put a blue marker over one end of a bradnew fluorescent tube about a 25mm in from one end of the tube after getting out of all the package

fep shatterproof tub

Choose the right material for the job and the type of fluorescent tube. Cut the material a bit longer then the fluorescent tube, then slide the material over the tube. Then put fluorescent tubes through an heated tunnel on a slow running speed to heat the material round the tube. It will take about a two minutes to go through the heated tunnel

35w fluorescent tube shatterproof

A picture of a fluorescent tube just come out of the heated tunnel with the material shrunkened around the tube making the fluorescent tube shatterproofed

polyolefin tube shatterproof

The final process is to cut off all the excess material on each end of the fluorescent tubes and look for any signs of imperfections on the material.
pack the tubes away in the package they came in.

end of a T8 shatterproof lamp

Complies with Farm Quality Assurance ,Food Standards Agency (FSA),International Food Standard (IFS) inline with heaith and Safety Regulations and conforms with the IEC-BS 61549 regulation

List oF Sizes oF Fluorescent Tubes Shatterproofed

16MM Diameter T5 Fluorescent Tube
Watts length
6 Watt 200mm
8 Watt 290mm
13 Watt 510mm
2ft,14 Watt 535mm
2ft,24 Watt 535mm
3ft,21 Watt 825mm
3ft,39 Watt 825mm
4ft,28 Watt 1135mm
4ft,54 Watt 1135mm
5ft,35 Watt 1436mm
5ft,49 Watt 1436mm
5ft,80 Watt 1436mm
26MM Diameter T8 fluorescent tube
Watts length
15 Watt 438mm
2ft,18 Watt 565mm
3ft,30 Watt 866mm
4ft,36 Watt 1175mm
38 Watt 1025mm
5ft,51 Watt 1478mm
5ft,58 Watt 1478mm
6ft,63 Watt 1740mm
6ft,70 Watt 1740mm

Technical Data

shatterproof lamps

First letter is manufactures code

GE are usually= F.
Osram are usually= L.
Philip are usually =TLD.
Sylvania are usually= F.

The numbers +W

Numbers after the first letter
is the wattage of the fluorescent tube.

The 3 numbers is colour

White is code = 835 or 35.
Cool white is code =840 or 845.
Warm white is code =830 or 835.
Daylight is code = 860 or 865.


TEP material is used for low wattage fluorescent tubes.
Polyolefin material is used for all types of fluorescent tube.
FEP Material is mainly used for fly killer tubes and UVC tubes.