Continuous led lighting system

Easy to install

Bespoke colours

linear or shape lighting patons

Can be suspended

The Slimline Lighting System

The Slimline Lighting System(SLS) is designed for everyone.
from those with imagination and flare for personal style in design and architecture.
To those who are looking for a more general purpose light for everyday applications.

IP68 lamp holder

The SLS is the optimal solution for conventional old lighting systems, is also excellent for new installations due to its low installation cost and easy method of just plug together and go led light fittings.

36mm/36mm led light fitting

The SLS is a lot more energy efficient and low maintenance than the old traditional linear fluorescent tube fittings.

IP68 lamp holder

Standard length are

550mm long with output of 8000 lums
1100mm long with output 16000 lums
1650mm long with output 24000 lums

Suspended lighting

The unit can be easy suspended with any suspention kit on the market.

can produce a range of continuous linear lighting up to 25 metres.
On the back of the aluminium unit we will cut bespoke 4mm suspention hole slot to your requirments.
We could even supply the suspentiton kit already fitted to the unit if required.

The unit also can surface mounted or embedded mounting options

suspended slimline led suspended slimline led

Slimline Lighting System The SLS aluminium profile chase is 36mm width and 36mm height with all the electronics are neatly build inside the unit
The SLS is degsined to run on main voltage of 240v also could be make to run on 110 volt and can be adapted to run on 24v DC. The LEDs colour rendering index (CRI) is normally daylight (5700k) however this can be change to suit your requirements.
The SLS aluminium profile chase is available in variety of colour finishes to suit requirements. coloured chasies come in many colours to coordinate with surroundings or to make a statment with a vibrant colour. The SLS diffuser is available in either Opal or clear lens.

Plug together and go lighting system

connect holder

The SLS can run in a single line to 25meters on one main supply and also can be connected in variety shapes with an easy way of plug in and go method of joining them together.

connect holder connect holder


The control gear

All the controller is build inside the aluminum chase
The SLS can an be made to run on Integrated LED Driver or dali control gear
Up to 25m in a single run with one feed
Comes in 540mm,1080mm 1620 lengths36mm Wide 45w per section LED light source