Killing Microorganisms In the air for air sterilization

IP68 17w 4Pin uvc tube shatterproofed

Shatterproof IP68 24w PLL tube

25w 4pin uvc tube ip68 rated

Completely water proof


wired and sealed in uvc tube

The ip68 4pin sterilizing germicidal lamps is a 4pin uvc tube wired too a 1 metre black or white pvc lead and is sealed in a silicone rubber material inside a clear fep sleeve.

It is completely waterproof and the cable can not be removed.

Idea for places, machine were you have to wash down or in wet condition.

The tail(cable) can be made longer if required

It is completely waterproof and perfect for washing down situations.

Showing wired up sealed UVC lamp with a 32mm plastic ip68 gland on the end of the lamp

Submesible UVC Germicidal Lamp

Submersible Ultraviolet Disinfection for Water Tank

This picture above showing a working IP68 4pin germicidal lamp submerged in 140mm of water

PLL uvc tube Wired up and completely sealed to tube

Wattage Length of the unit
18w Uvc tube 300mm
24w Uvc tube 400mm
36w Uvc tube 500mm
55w Uvc tube 620mm
95w Uvc tube 620mm


IP68 watterproof pll tubes completely sealed from the weather

is a uvc pll germicidal lamp inside a fep clear type sock, wired to 1 metre 4 core black or white pvc cable and competely encased with a silicone rubber material around the end of the uvc lamp

Idea for places, machine were you have to wash down or in wet condition.



The picture above is showing a sealed uvc pll lamp on test.
submerged in 120mm of clear water with the unit turned on.

Pls Uvc tube can be wired up and competely sealed in


sealed pls uvc germicidal lamp
Wattage Length of pls
Pls 4pin 5w uvc lamp 175mm
Pls 4pin 9w uvc lamp 250mm
Pls 4pin 11w uvc lamp 300mm



List of some of uvc lamps which can be wired up and shatterproofed


tube Tube length ArcLength Power¹ Current Voltage¹ UV output
Type mm mm W mA V µW/cm² W
GPH 212T5L 212 132 10 425 25 27 2.7
GPH287T5L 287 207 14 425 34 40 4
GPH303T5L 303 223 15 425 35 43 4.3
GPH357T5L 35 277 17 425 42 57 5.7
GPH436T5L 436 356 21 425 51 72 7.3
GPH793T5L 793 713 38 425 92 125 13.5
GPH843T5L 843 762 41 425 98 150 16
GPH1148T5L 1148 1067 55 425 135 180 22
GPH1554T5L 1554 1474 75 425 179 240 33
GPH1630T5L 1630 1550 79 425 189 252 34.5

Tube Diameter is 15MM


T5 4pin uvc tubes

Tube type Tube length
TUV 6w 4pin 245mm
TUV 11w 4pin 245mm
TUV 16w 4pin 320mm
TUV 20w 4pin 430mm
TUV 25w 4pin 550mm
TUV 130w 4pin 842mm
TUV 180w 4pin 1032mm
TUV 200w 4pin 1147mm
TVV 230w 4pin 1514mm/25
TUV 260w 4pin 1514mm/32
TUV 325w 4pin 1582mm*
TUV 335w 4pin 1556mm/32
TUV 330w 4pin 1791mm/38