Corporate Credit Card Use Agreement

You cannot use the company`s credit card for unauthorized or personal expenses. Never withdraw money with the company`s credit card. You also cannot purchase large quantities of alcohol or drugs, weapons, pornography or fees for other adult entertainment. Card limits depend on your seniority, your department and the frequency or nature of the fees you have to pay. As a general rule, you can see the limits of your card for staff agreement, but usually the monthly limits are: 10. ALL transactions processed on a district card are subject to review by internal and external auditors. If our company gives birth to a credit card, you must sign and comply with a credit card contract. This recognizes that the credit card belongs to our company and that we can process and review fees at our convenience. It also refers to your responsibilities and consequences for misuse. Sometimes we provide credit cards that can only be used for specific purposes (p.B. gas payment). Enter the name and/or title and department (z.B manager, debtors) in which the credit card must be returned if it is revoked by the Company. If an employee is challenging a charge on the company`s credit card while in his possession, the matter must be brought immediately to management`s attention.

All disputed transactions must be settled by the supplier, the financial department and the bank. The cardholder is responsible for obtaining and depositing all proof of payment with the financial department. To get a head start, use our credit card policy model to define your policies. To fine-tune the policy to your own specifications, read this manual. 5. Honestly inconsequentical incorrect use of the card (you make an honest mistake), which is brought to the attention of the company manager and quickly corrected not as a misappropriation of district funds, but can lead to a temporary suspension of the use of the card. There is also a transaction limit of [$150] for most of our credit cards. For an exception, talk to [your director/finance/head of department/etc.] Some companies allow some employees to use the corporate credit card for personal transactions. A lawyer can help you consider policies, procedures and procedures to regulate the use and security of the card and reimbursement of fees. We expect you to follow the company`s credit card policy and employee agreement, and we may have to take action in the event of an infringement. For example: 7.

Cardholders are responsible for reconciling their monthly statements and correcting any discrepancies by first going to the supplier, then the bank and finally the office. Each employee must complete a staff credit card application [number of days] before they need access to the credit card. In the registration, a staff member must state his or her justification for applying for the card and sign that he understands the risks associated with taking over the card. The financial department is responsible for issuing the staff credit card application form, but only the CFO and/or Executive Director are authorized to approve it. I am the above employee and I have received the credit card listed above, which is linked to the company`s commercial credit account (“Card”), and I confirm that all my information is correct. In signing this agreement, I agree to respect the following conditions and be related to it: If you use the company credit card, you should: This directive on corporate credit cards helps you to set guidelines for employees who have the right to own a business card.