Consulting Agreement Amendment Template

This first amendment to the Rapid City Rushmore Plaza Civic Center advisory services agreement October 1, 2018 will be made by and between the City of Rapid City (“CITY”) and the Tegra Group, Inc. (“TEGRA”). This amendment to the advisory agreement (“Amendment”) between Bloom Energy Corporation (the “company”) and The Colin L. Powell (the “consultant”) will be completed on July 31, 2019. The company and the consultant have previously entered into a advisory agreement of 29 January 2009 (the “advisory agreement”) which maintained the advisor by the company as an independent contractor for the performance of consulting services to the company on the terms set out in the advisory agreement. The company and the advisor wish to amend the terms of the advisory agreement as follows: recognizing that the end date of the board is in accordance with the transition and advisory agreement (the “initial agreement” you entered into with Myomo, Inc. (the “company”) on February 6, 2019, is scheduled for May 18, 2019, this letter proposes an amendment to the original agreement so that you can continue – when choosing the parties – to provide consulting services to the company on a monthly basis and the company will continue to compensate you for such services in the form of advisory services as long as you continue to provide consulting services to the company (all as defined and/or in the original agreement). 806827 B.C. Ltd. , a British Columbia company wholly owned by Michael Mulberry, Director and CEO of JNC, headquartered at 41296 Tantalus Road, Squamish, BC V8B 0P6; This amendment to the June 4, 2020 advisory agreement (this “amendment”) is signed by and between Guardion Health Sciences, Inc., a Delaware company (the “company”), and David W. Evans (“consultant”).

This first TIP CONVENTION (the “agreement”) is manufactured on March 11, 2019 by and between Floor and Decor Outlets of America, Inc., a Delaware Company (“Operating Company”), Floor -Decor Holdings, Inc., a Delaware company (“Holdings” and, with the operator, the company, and George Vincent West” who signed the contract). THIS CONSULTING ACCORD MODIFICATION, dated August 30, 2020, between FlexShopper, Inc., a Delaware company (the “company”), and XLR8 Capital Partners, LLC (the “consultant”). . This amendment (the “amendment”) of the consultation agreement of 18 February 2020 covered below took place between the following two: this first amendment to the consultation agreement (this “amendment”) will be completed on 29 September. 2020 from and between Blue Horizon Consulting, LLC, a limited liability company in Puerto Rico (“Blue Horizon”), as an agent with the may 28, 2019 simultaneous assignment of all rights, titles and interests of Happy Walters, as a “consultant” as it applies and under this advisory services agreement (the “agreement”), which applies from the same date between Happy Walters and Labs, Inc.Conversion, a Delaware company. The advisor and the company are also jointly referred to as “parties” . . . . This amendment to the advisory agreement (this “amendment”) of March 6, 2020 amends it by Qualigen, Inc.

(the “company”) and GreenBlock Capital LLC (“consultant”) of August 22, 2018 (“the agreement”). . Appendix A of the advisory agreement (“the agreement”) between Pulmonx International S.rl (“Enterprise”) and Orsco Life Sciences AG (“Consultant”) amended as of March 1, 2014, as amended on March 1, 2014, is amended and is amended as follows: