Labor Agreements Clauses

The collective agreement remains in effect if the name of the organization is changed, the employment contract with the head of the organization is terminated. Article 361. Appeals of judgments by state labour inspectors Entities under the age of 18, at the time of the conclusion of the employment contract and other agencies, in cases defined by this code and other federal statutes, are subject to a mandatory medical examination. In the event of termination of an employment contract under Article 77, paragraph 11, of this code, the employer must pay an equal reduction to the average monthly salary paid to an employee if a breach of the provisions of the conclusion of an employment contract is not due to the worker`s fault. The terms and conditions of the employment contract are changed only with the written agreement of the parties. An employment contract is terminated in the cases indicated in the first part of this section when it is impossible to transfer an employee to another existing job with his written consent. Government oversight of compliance with workplace safety rules while carrying out work in certain industrial sectors and on selective industrial sites is carried out by federal labour supervisory bodies as well as specific authorized agencies – Federal authorities. It is permissible to enter into an employment contract with people who reach the age of 16. The main objectives of labour law are to create the legal conditions necessary for the optimal harmonization of the parties to the interests of industrial relations. state interests, as well as the legal regulation of labour relations and other relationships directly related to them, such as: those who disrupt the implementation of state oversight and control over compliance with the Labour Code and other acts that contain labour laws, who do not make directions, are not charged, are subject to threats of violence or violent acts against state labour inspectors, family members and property, are subject to the responsibility established by federal law. Individuals who are discriminated ed to work have the right to petition federal labour supervisors and/or courts seeking the restoration of their rights, compensation for property damage and compensation for moral damages. The procedure and timing of resources, materials and half-products delivery to an outworker, payments for production, reimbursement of materials personnel costs, process and schedule of final collection of products are stipulated in the employment contract. Regional and territorial agreements are concluded in accordance with the general rule before relevant draft budgets are submitted to the representative bodies of the Russian Federation and the governing bodies.