License Agreement Patent Template

It is agreed that this agreement will continue for the life of the above-mentioned [COUNTRY] Letters patent, but that the taker will have the right, at any time after the written [two-year] period, to terminate the contract by the taker at his last known address (and to that end, the sending of communications is sufficient) to terminate this contract. , and at the expiry of [TWO], it expires on the date of transmission of this notification and this agreement ends for the reasons mentioned above in Article 9. , or if the patents for the licensee have no value due to other patents or improvements in the industry [SPECIFY], and will not be applicable; and all rights that the underwriter holds or holds under this agreement are transferred by the licensee and given to the licensee; except that the licensee has the right to sell all the devices already manufactured that embody the inventions to which the royalties are paid as intended above. Based on the facts described above and the reciprocal benefits and obligations set out in this agreement, the parties agree on the following. Export rules are important for operations in which the technology is exported from the United States. All exports must comply with U.S. export control laws and regulations. Other countries may have laws dealing with the same subject or the registration of the final agreement with the government. In some cases, either or all of the parties do not want their name to be used in licensed products that are advertised or sold, as this indicates that the licensing institution recommends these products. If that is the case, it should be stated in the agreement.

Problems related to the natural running of the licence should also be taken into account. What will happen, for example, to the know-how (if any) at the expiry of all patents? What confidentiality obligations apply after expiry? The licensee agrees that the licensee may take civil action if the taker deems it necessary or desirable in an action or action that the licensee may bring with the patent letters mentioned above, on the understanding that in this case the donor is not liable for the costs or expenses as a result of membership as a party. , but that the taker bears all these costs. one. The licensee is the sole owner of and has the exclusive and exclusive right to issue licenses under the letter patent s. [COUNTRY] issued to him, in particular [NUMBER], entitled “[NAME] and [NUMBER] under the title “[NAME]”. The licensee undertakes to pay the licensee, as of the [DATE] and after that date, during the continuation of the agreement, royalties for equipment that embodies and contains the aforementioned inventions, products, sold and issued by the taker; and these royalties are calculated as follows: An amount based on a sliding scale and which, depending on the increased sales volume of the taker, decreases in a fiscal year according to the following schedule: [SPECIFY].