School Town Of Munster Collective Bargaining Agreement

Alum: The EPCSC was wonderful every seven years, I was a student in society. I had been transferred by a larger company/school, and the atmosphere offered by the EPCSC compared to the larger school was second to none. It`s a really nice community with fantastic staff and students filling the hallways of every school. The school system takes immediate action when it feels like it is getting into a situation, and they are very serious about things, while having a good sense of compassion. If I ever get the chance to recommend school to friends or family, I take this chance in a heartbeat, you can not beat the true kindness of this school system and its employees. Read 4 Senior Comments: I joined high school. It has great resources, highly motivated teachers and many opportunities. Academic standards are high and there are many possibilities, including early college or AP classes. I like choirs that give opportunities to sing and dance at every level of ability. They really help to learn teamwork and perseverance as well as a voice and a musical theory. It`s a great school, so for some students can be overwhelming. Even students from poorer families may feel inferior and the neighbourhood is generally expensive housing.

Read 97 Parent Notices: We sent our pre-K child to this school, intending to leave him there for a few years, until we bought a house where we would change him in this school district. No matter where we go, we`re going to leave it at the ISI. His teacher was absolutely amazing in every respect, the staff is always friendly and can answer/solve any questions/questions you may have, all employees really take care of the kids. Moreover, the immersion of language is so well integrated into school curricula that it has far exceeded my expectations. Programs, day-to-day activities, events and programs all seem well thought out and well planned. I love having my child at school because I know he`s in good hands. I intend to leave it at the ISI, wherever we live! Read 81 Senior Reviews: I liked that this company offers a vast and easily accessible program for fees and AP students. The Crown Point School District puts students in any necessary honor program and even has almost the AP class possible for students, unlike other districts that offer only a handful. In Crown Point schools, students have all the resources they need to succeed, achieve their goals and satisfy their interests/passions.