Single Case Agreement Specialist

It may be difficult for patients with a-Maryland medical assistance to obtain appropriate clearances to be seen at Johns Hopkins Hospital. This process requires the patient`s family physician to apply for written authorization from the national medical assistance program. This authorization must be forwarded to our office at least three months before the deadline and does not guarantee that an appointment can be agreed. The next step is to reach a case-by-case agreement between Johns Hopkins Hospital and your medical assistance/insurance. Once the agreement is signed on a case-by-case basis, a date can be agreed. Our financial experts will work with you. In some cases, Johns Hopkins is considered “out of network” and the patient`s family physician must obtain written authorization from the insurance company. This authorization must be forwarded to our office at least three months prior to his appointment. Our financial experts will then determine whether it is possible to reach a case-by-case agreement between Johns Hopkins Hospital and your medical assistance/insurance. Most patients are scheduled for appointments with more than one specialist, including a genetic counsellor and a doctor.

Each specialist charges your insurance separately. But we need your help! Work with us to get the necessary referrals from your on-site doctors for a genetic evaluation and all the laboratory or radiology tests that accompany it. Viewing insurance recommendations or pre-authorizations in advance is the key to the calendar [ask for a link to the page]. This role will develop the role to be a resource/mentor and leader for other CHOP staff who perform similar work. Advice and exchange of knowledge with staff regarding authorisation/registration/registration of insurance. Must be able to effectively manage work between departments and work independently with minimal supervision and participate in administrative decisions. A strong communication ability, attention to detail and a high level of organization are crucial qualities. The Children`s Hospital of Philadelphia is committed to a safe and healthy environment for its patients, family members, visitors and staff.

To achieve this goal, employment at the Children`s Hospital of Philadelphia, except for positions where hours are regularly scheduled in New Jersey, depends on a certificate certifying that the applicant does not use tobacco products. Most Maryland Medicaid patients are at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Some Medicaid plans require patients to be seen at other Maryland hospitals. Most people with commercial insurance are at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Responsible for verifying and approving the insurance of all new patients called, as well as obtaining an emergency authorization for scans/tests for all existing patients. Next major market: Philadelphia Job Segment: Medical, EMR, Patient Care, Healthcare, Research Preferred Education: Associate`s or Bachelor`s degree All CHOP employees who work in a patient home or provide patient care should receive an annual flu shot, unless they receive a medical or religious exception. This role will work with clinical staff to standardize and streamline the patient transfer verification and authorization process. This would include all kinds of visits, tests, procedures and treatment plans for both new and second patients. the use of the patient data set for thought information and documents that support authorisation, making it a systematic approach to the exchange of critical information. Contact other pre-certification and insurance professionals at CHOP`s settlement offices to keep and share the latest changes, updates and processes. Provide complete information to the Single Case Agreement team on initial request to facilitate an agreed systematic process for undated insurance plans.