Staffordshire Section 75 Agreement

Please refer to our contract flow chart (347 KB) to determine the agreement you need. You can also download pdf versions of the application forms from the planning portal – paper forms and send us by email or email (see form for our postal address/email to Send it with all the necessary documents to If all else fails, send an email with details of what you`re asking and we`ll insert you to email you the corresponding form. A larger agreement (S111 or S278) results in a pre-fee of between $7,500 and up to 7% of the total value of the system. This includes pre-planning work and potential mitigation costs if the agreement is not reached. The full large-scale agreement will cost more depending on the nature and scope of the regime. To meet road network reservations, a digging permit is required for larger and smaller construction agreements that use the procedure provided for in point 111. The application form, instructions, instructions and certifications required to modify or unload a building permit we have granted is necessary to amend or unload a law agreement in accordance with Section 106. These documents are not available on the national planning portal, so we make ours available. Large applications are generally more complex than other types of applications and often require much broader consultation than normal domestic uses.

As a result, the decision on larger applications may take longer and the administrator may be required to negotiate with several parties to reconcile issues or negotiate planning agreements. A road contract allows an individual or organization to carry out construction work on the highway and is usually linked to new construction zones. They are carried out in accordance with Section 38 Highways Act 1980. If such an agreement is required, certain criteria must also be met for the detailed technical development of roads and footpaths, public lighting and drainage before an agreement can be reached under Section 38, in accordance with Section 7 of the Staffordshire Act 1983. I had the privilege of being invited by the CQC to report on our experience at a national conference and learning about the revision of the Stoke on-Trent CQC system last week. York and Birmingham were also asked to share their experiences. Proposals include scrapping bank holiday receipts and parking in Spode Here is the full list of savings proposed for 2020/21: our pre-candidate council is available to applicants and their agents before submitting planning applications for minerals, waste and rural development.